The Parish Meeting


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West Stafford has held an annual Parish Meeting since 1894. The first Clerk, who was also the school assistant, served for twenty five years over a period when the meeting comprised men only, appeared to gather in the kitchen of Stafford House simply to elect the 'squire' as Chairman, and then retired to drink ale.

A Parish Meeting is like a village conference and enables issues to be raised and the views of village residents to be expressed. There must be at least  two such meetings each year. Anyone on the West Stafford Register of Electors can attend, speak and vote on any matter to do with the village. Others may attend and can speak with the permission of the meeting. There must be an Annual Meeting in the Spring, at which a Chairman and Clerk are appointed. the various groups within the village give reports of their activities. We also hold a meeting in the Autumn, which is used to mainly agree the village precept, i.e. the amount of money that the village wishes to raise to spend specifically on village items and which will be recovered through the annual council rates.



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7.30 p.m. FRIDAY, APRIL 27th 2018

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